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    If you have ever travelled to the US and Egypt and forgotten to tip the hotel staff, the chances are you experienced a rather awkward reaction.
    Similarly, if you slipped table staff a few extra euros following a meal in France or Japan, then you probably received a similar response.
    Do the same in Argentina and you may even find yourself in trouble with the police – it's illegal.
    Knowing where and who to tip in different countries can be something of a social minefield.
    But travel search site Wego has now constructed an easy-to-follow infographic revealing where and when to tip when travelling abroad.
    According to the infographic, no tipping should ever happen in Argentina, Japan, Oman, Yemen and France.
    In Austria, Brazil, Netherlands, Russia, Chile, South Africa, Ireland and Turkey, tipping is expected after eating in a restaurant, unless service charge is included.
    Tipping is left up to the customer in countries including the UK, Norway, Spain, Denmark and Germany.
    Deciding whether to leave a tip in these countries depends on the quality of service or experience.
    'In the US, low wage earners in the service industry are reliant on tipping to balance out their income, yet in Romania, tips are often declined and in Japan, tipping is considered offensive,' explains Joachim Holte, Chief Marketing Officer for Wego.
    “在美国,服务行业的低薪工人靠小费来增加收入,而在罗马尼亚,工作人员通常会拒绝客人给的小费,在日本,给小费被看成是一种无礼的行为,”Wego网站的首席市场官Joachim Holte解释说。
    'In Argentina for example, tipping is actually illegal, however, waiters often expect to be tipped by foreigners so if you were to tip, discretion is advised.
    'For instance, in the UK, tipping for food in restaurants is OK, although unexpected as service charges are generally included. Yet, tipping for drinks at a bar is just not cricket!'
    In general, it's not uncommon to give a small tip to your porter as he drops off your luggage in your hotel room in most places.
    Rounding up your fare for taxi drivers is common in most countries, apart from New Zealand and Chile, where it's not expected at all.
    'It seems that tipping traditions are evolving throughout the world as more people travel.
    'Australia and New Zealand don't have a history of tipping, yet travellers who are unaware of this fact have heightened     some expectations from service staff,' Holte added.
    'If you haven't done your homework before you go, remember you can always ask what the custom is from hotel staff.
    'Most people will appreciate you taking the time to find out, and it's a good way to avoid some very sticky situations.'







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